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3D4U Digital Twin Management Framework

All-in-one solution for digitizing, managing and inspecting network company assets to boost business revenues.


Easy Data Acquisition

Take advantages of fast and accurate indoor and outdoor data acquisition at any scale, with common low-cost devices.

End-To-End Platform

Manage and monitor asset networks both on-field and remotely throughout their life-cycle.

Innovative 3D-Centric Interactions

Know your infrastructure in detail, interacting and analyzing it through 3D models, 360 images, AR visualizations and AI automation.

Cell Tower - AI

Looking to reduce cell tower management costs?

Our SaaS solution provide a geo-referenced digital twin of your assets, from telco trellis and antennas to equipment rooms, enabling remote inspections, automatic damage detections and a set of innovative tools that minimize operational time and costs.

Fiber Network - AI

Interested in optimizing fiber optic-related job activities?

The 3D4U’s FTTx package enables to efficiently carry out indoor and outdoor field surveys, make outline forecast, design structural and optical schemes in 2D and 3D and monitor construction sites from the office.

Unlocking efficiency and growth:
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Say no to expensive software that requires a significant investment.

Implement in the company ecosystem a single multi-solution platform compatible with low-budget smartphones. Make the most out of current business devices and use advanced tools at your fingertips, avoiding high acquisition costs while ensuring high quality.

Multidevice cross-platform solution

Steer clear of complicated systems that slow down your work

Get the 3D model in almost real-time, in no more than a day. Whether you are an expert or new to the field, don’t worry — we provide comprehensive knowledge and consulting services to help you succeed.

3D4U Cell Tower - AI Cell tower 3D model

No more costly and time-consuming unnecessary field trips.

Digitalization gives you the freedom to work remotely. Monitor and assess your infrastructural elements wherever you are to take informed decisions, while minimizing risks, decreasing C02 emissions and reducing operational costs up to 40%.

3D4U Fiber Network - AI Fiber Network Excavation Measurement

Forget IT configuration headache. No LIDAR is required.

Thanks to our flexible cloud-based cross-platform system, 3D4U operates on multiple browsers and mobile operating systems (iOS and Android), with or without LIDAR sensors, avoiding investing in new costly business equipment.

Scanning with a smartphone through 3D4U mobile version

Not another complex platform for technical people.

Our system makes it possible to easily manage a large asset network that is spread geographically, regardless of the technical expertise of the user. Its quick and stress-free integration into everyday operations is based on a zero-friction methodology and an intuitive user interface.

3D4U desktop interface

Stop relying on outdated solutions that keep you wasting precious time.

Unlock the power of advanced technologies such as ML, AI, AR, etc and streamline your work. Run reliable estimations, automate database enrichment and early damages recognition and export reports and project files with a click, to always be ahead of competitors.

3D4U Automatic recognition of infrastructural assets characteristics

Key features of your end-to-end Solution for Efficient Infrastructure Design, Inspection, and Maintenance in a Unified Digital Environment

Comprehensive Digital Twin Solution

Enabling the acquisition, digitization, and visualization of all infrastructure assets in one environment to create a complete digital twin, including towers, equipment rooms, cabins, shelters, and the entire supporting ecosystem.

Efficient Data Collection

Innovative, patent-backed solution for rapid and accessible field data collection using common mobile devices, supporting both 2D and 3D data.

Innovative Digital Interactions

Explore digital assets creatively with 3D, spherical photo virtual tours, and augmented reality for immersive experiences.

Cloud-based, Cross-industry & Cross-platform

Flexible, cost-effective cloud solution adaptable to industries, devices, and operating systems without client-side IT infrastructure costs.

Simplicity, accessibility and speed

A patented solution utilizing mobile devices for easy, operator-friendly data acquisition, both 2D and 3D, at any scale.

Georeferenced 3D-Centered Approach

Gain precise insights into infrastructure location and composition throughout its lifecycle using a 3D digital twin model on a map.

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The Digital Twin for the implementation of Fiber Optic Networks

The general goal of the customer was to make the activities related to the implementation of the fiber optic infrastructure more efficient, avoiding frequent business trips and objectively accounting for the progress of the works under the responsibility of the external supplier, while speeding up the operational flows related to the network creation.


The Digital Twin for Monitoring Distributed Wireless Infrastructures

The customers, major companies active in the national and international transmission infrastructure markets, needed to innovate their operational methodologies and IT systems for monitoring their networks, to have a more comprehensive overview of the infrastructure’s health status and to adopt leaner and faster processes.

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The SaaS solution is applicable across a diverse range of industries including architecture, manufacturing, transport, smart cities, energy and much more.

Oil & Gas

Asset Management and HSE Compliance
Elevate the safety, efficiency, and reliability of your operations. Find out how to enhance maintenance practices, improve HSE standards, and remain competitive in the product market.

Energy & Utilities

Deliver safe, uninterrupted energy and utilities while creating efficient, reliable, and sustainable utility operations. Calculate potential impacts on the grid, monitor asset health, anticipate failures, and plan maintenance procedures effectively.


Improve manufacturing reliability and performance, kickstart your Industry 4.0 transformation, optimize manufacturing assets, and reduce defects and downtime. Discover how you can create more sustainable operations.

Buildings & Cultural Heritage

Developing and implementing an advanced IoT architecture for data-driven smart building operations and experimentation, specifically designed for cultural heritage preservation and other architectural applications.

Nature & Green Infrastructure

A versatile solution for civil engineering, environmental management, and land planning that uses spatio-temporal data, 3D simulation, and an interactive environment as a tool for forest management.

Urban & Public Works

The real-world urbanistic case study demonstrates their practical impact on urban planning and development, promising smarter, more efficient, and sustainable cities with an improved quality of life.

Feedback from our Clients

“Coming together is a beginning, staying together is progress, and working together is success.”

Testimonial Carlos E. Reyes S; IHS Tower

The SaaS ”Cell Tower – AI” Solution, is an excellent solution for managing and creating assets digitally; This solution allowed us to have more speed in decision making and
to have a better perspective of the states of the towers.

- IHS Towers -
Testimonial Moreno Grassi; Clio Fiber

Clio Fiber chose New Changer Tech as a partner for valuable services to support our projects. The platform’s innovative technologies enable us to adopt a reliable and precise Digital Twin of the FTTH infrastructure, facilitating daily operations monitoring.

- Clio Fiber -
Testimonial Giovanni Lepri; Inwit

The company has demonstrated great competence and reliability by implementing a technically advanced and stable solution. Our business relationship with New Changer Tech has been characterized by open communication with our experts in order to tailor the service to suit our specific needs.


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