Digital Twin Solutions for Fiber Optic Network Implementation​

The overall objective of the customer was to optimize the verification flows of the infrastructure implementation activities under the responsibility of the external supplier, to accurately monitor the kilometers of network realized and quantify the volumes of material laid concerning the estimated metric calculations, objectively accounting for the progress of the work with proven evidence.

fibre optics construction site
New Changer Tech - trenching process and infrastructure realisation

Considering the use case criticalities, it has been proposed the Fiber Network – AI 3D4U‘s solution, developed for fibre optic infrastructure needs while providing design consultancy services to adapt the software to the customer’s needs.

The customer and its operating team were able to directly test the technologically advanced tools for smartphone-based 2D and 3D on-site data acquisition, network designing, and digital twin processing and generation by chronologically archiving the different infrastructure excavation phases status, remotely performing measurements and quality control, database enrichment, and the automatic export of reports and project metric calculations.

3D4U Fiber Network - AI mobile data acquisition
New Changer Tech - Excavation data acquisition process via smartphone

The case study’s results and benefits can be summarized as follows:

Inspect and approve work progress remotely

Quickly report changes made during the project

Objectively quantify project measures before making payments

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