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A Digital Twin Management Framework for Fiber Optic Networks

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Fiber Optic Infrastructure Management:
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Record field data in a shared digital space

Gather on-field data, such as geometry, media, and notes of poles, cables, cabinets, manholes, and buildings and store it in a centralized GIS-based digital database that is simultaneously available from the office and updated in real-time to avoid post-capture reworks.

fibre optic nodes recognized with Fiber Network AI through MMS technologies

Acquire indoor data and take measurements on 360 images

To gather inside photos and quickly generate a detailed spherical image to measure, examine and navigate through virtual tours telecom PoP, shelters, cabinets, and homes.

Acquire indoor data and take measurements on 360 images

Plan and inspect on fiber network’s 3D models

Obtain 3D models of IoT networks and FTTx elements to take measurements, excavation depth and remotely monitor construction progress and infrastructure conditions, chronologically. Edit the project directly by working on the georeferenced 3D and automatically update the database.

Fibre optic facade cable

Estimate potential household connections volumes, automatically

Automatically retrieve from the software the necessary information and quantities about buildings and future customers to be connected to the network, to make realistic informed decisions and determine project feasibility at an early stage.

Estimate potential household connections volumes, automatically

Obtaining automated preliminary FTTx designs

To estimate project costs and profits, the software will create an outline network design that connects all delivery sites using parameterizable, cost-effective route logic.

fibre optic map design with Fiber Network - AI

Design complete low-level FTTx networks

Use the digital toolkit to outline detailed fiber-optic plans in 2D & 3D environments, design structural and optical schemes, generate bill of quantity (BOQ), manage deliverables and export project-related data and files of any kind (DXF/DWG, Shp, GeoJson, CSV, etc.) to connect residential areas, commercial zones, and industrial sites.

3D4U Fiber Network - AI FTTx design tools

Manage client activation workflow

After network deployment, the platform supports operators in coordinating broadband activation services, making high-speed internet access available to customers.

Manage client activation workflow

Visualize GIS-based elements in AR in the real world

Make on-field works more efficient by projecting any significant 2D designs and 3D models into reality. Utilize augmented reality to see what is invisible to the human eye and use a common smartphone’s camera to cut down on mistakes, time, and expenses.

Visualize GIS-based elements in AR in the real world AR-APP

Learn more about the management of the Fiber Optic Infrastructure.

Implement in the company ecosystem a single multi-solution platform compatible with low-budget smartphones. Make the most out of current business devices and use advanced tools at your fingertips, avoiding high acquisition costs while ensuring high quality.

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Fiber Network - AI
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The Digital Twin for the implementation of Fiber Optic Networks

The general goal of the customer was to make the activities related to the implementation of the fiber optic infrastructure more efficient, avoiding frequent business trips and objectively accounting for the progress of the works under the responsibility of the external supplier, while speeding up the operational flows related to the network creation.


The Digital Twin for Monitoring Distributed Wireless Infrastructures

The customers, major companies active in the national and international cell tower market, needed to innovate their operating methods and IT systems for monitoring the infrastructure to have a more complete overview of the health of the infrastructure and to adopt more streamlined and faster processes.

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