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Wireless Infrastructure Management:
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Are you facing challenges in cell tower deployment? Look no further! 3D4U is here to assist you. With our software and expertise, you can overcome any obstacle that arises, leading you towards success.

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Acquire field data in a single digital repository

To prevent post-capture reworks, gather on-site data such as geometry, media, and notes on the location of cell towers, equipment rooms, and ground-level infrastructures. Then, save this data in a unified GIS-based digital database that is updated in real-time and simultaneously accessible from the office.

georeferenced cell towers

Explore the network's components via 360-image virtual tours

Gather spherical image output to measure, examine and navigate equipment rooms and roof locations through virtual tours.

Asset Mirror - networks components via 360-image virtual tours

3D model monitoring and much more

Obtain, from drone data, the processed cell tower 3D model to take measurements and remotely monitor 4G LTE and 5G wireless infrastructure conditions in a georeferenced environment.

Automate object recognition through AI

Take your cell tower inspection to the next level. Train your model and apply cutting-edge artificial intelligence technologies to automatically identify antenna damages, rust, and missing parts, as well as empty spaces, to optimize infrastructure performance and financial gains.

3D4U Cell Tower - AI Automatic recognition of antennas and remote measuring of a Cell tower 3D model

Learn more about the management of the Cell Tower Infrastructure.

Implement in the company ecosystem a single multi-solution platform compatible with low-budget smartphones. Make the most out of current business mobiles, using advanced tools at your fingertips, avoiding costly devices while ensuring high quality.

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The Digital Twin for the implementation of Fiber Optic Networks

The general goal of the customer was to make the activities related to the implementation of the fiber optic infrastructure more efficient, avoiding frequent business trips and objectively accounting for the progress of the works under the responsibility of the external supplier, while speeding up the operational flows related to the network creation.


The Digital Twin for Monitoring Distributed Wireless Infrastructures

The customers, major companies active in the national and international cell tower market, needed to innovate their operating methods and IT systems for monitoring the infrastructure to have a more complete overview of the health of the infrastructure and to adopt more streamlined and faster processes.

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